Find Your Passions, Purpose & Joy Weekend Workshop

Join Lois Anne Smith, author, spiritual medium, owner of The Cottage and
Kristen Rockenbach, Consultant and Coach to Corporations and Individuals,
for a transformative weekend.

You will love every segment of this event as you…

  • Discover your personal top 5 passions unique to you that will put you on a path to your ideal life.
  • Identify your primary soul’s purpose along with two secondary purposes, i.e., the gifts and talents that you brought with you into this lifetime.
  • Explore how your top 5 passions flow seamlessly with your passions.
  • Learn the 4 major roadblocks to living your ideal life.
  • Receive tools that will absolutely break through any roadblock.

May 30 & 31  or  Oct 10 & 11

Thoughts from previous participants:
Thank you so much for a simply amazing weekend. -J.Keys
I loved every minute of it and told 4 of my friends this is a must take course. -J. S.
This experience will benefit me greatly in the future. It helped me to come to new understandings of myself and my life.  -F. F.
Kristen and Lois are knowledgeable teachers who present the information in a way that help you have ah-ha moments over and over. -P.J.
The program was excellent. Seeing how my top 5 passions so closely related to my soul’s purpose showed me how to move forward with my life using that as my guide. Thank you both so very much. -P.A. 

Engaging Your Team’s Passions While Increasing Profit

Session at PMI Silver Spring Chapter Professional Development Symposium

Discover down to earth and tangible tools to connect passions and profits for increased employee engagement, motivation and retention. Tools include: Life Balance Wheel and Passion Test for Business.

June 16 – session time tbd


a workshop with Kristen Rockenbach

Using the simple and powerful ‘Passion Test’
process, you will learn:

♥ Your top 5 passions – the things that are most important to YOU

♥ How to align your life with your passions to experience more joy and fulfillment

Simple strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges
that prevent you from living your ideal life

The formula for creating whatever you choose to have in your life

The one secret to guarantee a passionate, meaningful and prosperous life

 Join us for this life-transforming workshop!!

speaking engagements

Kristen brings her passion into the speaking area with enthusiasm and poise!
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