Are you looking to increase the productivity of your workforce?

Do you want your employees to bring more passion to their work?

Is your organization going through a transformation?

Does your corporate culture need to shift?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do these things while still increasing you profitability? Tuckahoe brings a unique combination of consulting, executive coaching, and other tools to their work with businesses that answer yes to any of these questions.

Each engagement is customized to the business needs and intended results. We offer several basic offerings to get you started.

Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?
Coaching is a creative partnership with our clients focusing on design and implementing specific, meaningful changes. We are solution focused.

Tuckahoe’s Executive Coaching follows the Erickson International’s principles:
•    People work perfectly to accomplish what they are accomplishing – OK-ness
•    The client already has all the resources they need
•    People make the best choice available to them
•    Behind every behavior is a positive intention
•    Change is inevitable

The coaching relationship is based on trust and rapport. Key elements of the coaching include:
•    Define coaching objectives
•    Provide tools and techniques for the situation being addressed
•    Support the individual to think creatively and develop realistic and effective strategies for them and for their organization.
•    Support as they pursue the achievement of their goals.

The format of the coaching is based on an agreed period of time or number of sessions, which is determined by the client’s agenda and need.

As a result of the coaching experience, clients develop their potential and apply it productively in the workplace. Experience shows that clients tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill and achieve better results for their organizations and themselves.

ASAP (Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate) Engagement

An ASAP Engagement involves three phases: Pre-workshop Leadership Consulting, Employee Training Workshop, and Post-workshop Leadership Consulting.

Pre-workshop Leadership Consulting
Tuckahoe will begin with a kickoff meeting to introduce the program, confirm the schedule, and answer any remaining questions. An employee survey will be conducted to assess the current engagement level of your staff. Each member of your leadership team will be interviewed, one on one to obtain their initial thoughts on the company’s unique contribution and their role in that mission. After the information has been collected the leadership team will meet to review your organization’s Unique Contribution (Mission Statement), and top 5 to 10 Company Passions (Core Values). From this, 10 year vision statements will be created. The 10 year vision statement will be shared with the employees during the workshop.

Employee Training Workshop
The standard training is designed to be a half-day. During this workshop, participants will identify their top five work passions and top five core passions, along with understanding some of the key principles required to live a passionate, fully engaged life. After this training, participants will have powerful decision-making tools to use going forward to assist in making any major decisions. Their work and core passions are typically shared with the leadership team or manager. This will allow management and employees to work together to make their work as meaningful as possible.

Post-workshop Leadership Consulting
A brainstorming session with the management team will be undertaken to identify all possible steps to make the Company Passions concrete and embedded in the corporate culture. The final result will be a Culture Action Plan (CAP) to guide culture development. CAP is a detailed plan that will keep you on track. This plan includes timelines, assignments on implementation and budget approval.

Implementation of Cultural Action Plan
Many organizations choose to have support in implementing the CAP.  Since each CAP is specific to each organization and the level of support varies, this is a customized service.

What Are Your Work Passions Workshop

This workshop allows participants to get clear on their work passions, so they can align themselves with the work that means the most to them. Participants also gain tools and techniques to make major decisions and move themselves into work they are passionate about.
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