Speaking Topics:

Living Your Life with Passion and Purpose

Engage Your Team’s Passions while Increasing Profits

Discover Your Passions and Purpose

As a consultant for Fortune 100 companies, small business, and government organizations for more than a decade, Kristen envisioned a different way of running businesses and governments that is sustainable as well as profitable. Kristen believes corporations are living entities, breathing with the heartbeat of each owner, manager and employee. By connecting both passions and profits, Kristen is able to help sustain the heartbeat, in rhythm with the breath of prosperity and love.

Kristen brings her passion into the speaking area with enthusiasm and poise.

Recent speaking engagements include Effective Meeting and Presentation Skills at the Junior League of Washington DC, Consulting & PM Softskills Training on behalf of RTM Consulting, along with several presentations of her Signature Passion themed workshops and webinars.

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I’m definitely paying more attention to my wants and my passions on a more daily basis. I’m also watching myself about not doing things just because I “should.” And it’s really helping things be easier throughout the day about listening to myself and my choices.
~ E.R.

Kristen is a compassionate and talented coach and passion test facilitator; she has the ability to connect to the soul and heart of her clients to help them change mindsets, patterns and thought processes. Taking the passion test with her was fundamental on my consideration of accepting a new job offer, re-evaluating my priorities and passions clarified the path for my decision. I highly recommend Kristen’s services.
~ Wendy Harper

“I had fallen into a rut that turned out to be a massive chasm. Thankfully, the universe connected me with Kristen to help pull me out and to get me back on my feet. Thank you Kristen!!