Kristen has the rare ability of integrating both the right and left brain, using her innate heart-intelligence and living from soulful center
. Practical, grounded, powerful, logical, while still being quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences, Kristen is a diamond in the corporate world today. Her feminine leadership abilities and passion to bring “life” back to the cold and mechanistic motions of corporations, breathe new life into an economy ready for a new and dynamic way to do business.
~ Amber Scott, Founder,  True U Voice

Kristen is a diamond in the corporate world today. I met Kristen many years ago, the first time I co-taught a Reiki class.  It has been an honor to witness Kristen expand her knowledge and understanding of her innate gifts and develop into a talented, heart-centered energy healer.  I’m especially happy to call her my colleague and sister-friend.
~ Tracy Houchins

Kristen is a gifted energy healer, and I have had the benefit of working with her for several years. She is able to optimally help her clients by intuitively combining her many skills, which include Reiki, Ama-Deus, essential oils, and past life regression therapy.  I highly recommend trying out an energy healing session with her!
~ T.B.

Kristen was instrumental in providing critical support to one of our VMware Virtual Infrastructure and Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp VDI projects that required extensive customer support. She really rolled up her sleeves to understand the problem and took the necessary action to make the project as successful as possible. She has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the GTSI Virtualization Practice, from areas of recruiting top talent to establishing the infrastructure needed to assess, deploy and deliver successful projects. She is very organized and has a special talent of bringing calm to chaos. Its rare to find a manager that is both skilled with the human factors associated with technology, teams delivering cutting edge technology, as well as having the core technical knowledge to jump in and support her team when needed.
~ Christopher Myers, Enterprise Architect VMware PSO – EUC/CIM (Contractor)

Kristen is the consummate professional in her interaction and communication with customers and partners. Her attention to detail, responsiveness and knowledge create a sense of trust and build relationships with people that allow Kristen to be highly successful. I have had the opportunity to work directly with Kristen in numerous capacities at Citrix, and these characteristics and ethics are consistently on display with Kristen, and make her a valuable resource at any organization.
~ Mike Fouts, Vice President, Channels and Field Marketing at Citrix Systems

I have worked with Kristen at Citrix since 2002. Kristen has always been an intelligent and highly motivated IT consultant within our organization. She has excelled in her career and developed into an excellent manager. Since fall of 2009 I have been reporting to Kristen in her new role as Area Manager for the Citrix Consulting Federal team. Kristen is a competent manager who always puts the good of her team and her customers above herself.
~ Dan Allen, Lead Architect at Citrix Systems

Kristen was a great manager to work under. She truly cares about her team and works to develop and monitor plans so that team members effectively meet their goals.
~ Linneah Riedlinger, Virtualization Consultant

Kristen is an excellent customer-facing individual with solid follow through. She has strong communication and analytical skills, great Consulting ability, and deep product knowledge that when combined have allowed her to perform well in both a technical and business capacity. Highly recommended.
~ Nik Gibson, Cloud Architect at VMware

I have known Kristen for several years now and understood her as being a very strong leader, a hard worker, focused, and always willing to help others.
~ Ryan Hoge

I entered into the process with Kristen wondering if it could actually help me; because my tendency has always been to follow my passion!  Because of how I have lived, I have experienced wondrous manifestation. What I learned about myself from the PROCESS Kristen lead me through is how to ferret out my deepest, really, my deepest passions first. Then focus on those. I was surprised. There are so many things I like and want that my challenge is not to find what I’m passionate about.  My challenge is FOCUS.  It’s easy to get spread too thin and the energy dissipates. Narrowing the field helped me to mine for more informed decisions, to go deeper, to mindfully fuse my passions for more fulfilling outcomes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kristen! This is really making a difference. I’m blown away.
~Dianne Duncan Perrote